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Los Angeles ended its ninth season on a crazy cliffhanger that left the fates of the show’s four most pivotal characters in question. It wasn’t the first time a season of NCIS: LA concluded with Callen, Sam, Kensi, and Deeks all in mortal danger, but the ninth season seemed to set the stage for more than one character to potentially depart sooner rather than later, and Kensi and Deeks in particular felt like characters to worry about. Well, a first look at Season 10 reveals the aftermath of the big cliffhanger, and one of those two is in pretty rough shape. The explosion was bad enough that Hetty and Co. The finale didn’t confirm the fates of the characters, and Kensi and Deeks seemed most in danger of losing their lives.

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Because Kensi was “smitten” and “stuck” on Deeks from the first moment she met him! Because their chemistry was amazing right from the start. Because Deeks has nicknames for Kensi! Fern, princess, sunshine, tanto, and the list goes on!

TV Shows NCIS: Los Angeles. Follow/Fav Too Far Deeks. By: DJFireHawk. Sam’s jaw came dangerously close to unhingeing when G started placing little kisses along Deeks’ jawline. Kensi gave a decidedly girly squeal at the sight causing all three males to look at her in amusement.

Someone needs to stay with Kensi. She’s not fit to even put up a fight. There’s two professional killers out there, with their own separate gangs, looking to bring down our team. We kinda have an emergency. Someone needs to get to her before it’s too late. Try to find out who could have sent this threat to Sam. I’m going over to the hospital now. But call the hospital first and alert them that Miss Blye has no other visitors until I get there, and make sure they pay close attention to her so no one sneaks in.

Now would be the cue to hang up.

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Los Angeles team to search the city after his prisoner escapes custody on a flight from Singapore to L. Tony will meet the team and Hetty. In another promo, Tony is in a car with Kensi and Deeks. They find a red mustang and the couple begin to argue about who does what. Tony points out that they are pressed for time. The guys had been distracted and therefore they did not notice the cellphone that was dropped on their table.

If NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 is working around Ruah’s real-life pregnancy, the show might soon even welcome a baby into the lives of Deeks and Kensi. But until Kensi can wake up from her coma, we’ll be on the edge of our seats.

Tumblr Home Entertainment Current: Deeks and Kensi to get married, have baby; Kurt Yaeger signs on for multiple episode arc Fri 12 Aug The season, when it comes back on October 2 will mark a new milestone in fan favorite characters Deeks and Kensi. The actors teased that there was some great acting to be expected from Olsen, and after getting married, a baby is coming for the couple this season.

This is a golden opportunity for the writers to write in Ruah’s real life pregnancy into the story. Kensi is affected by that a little bit more, and that poses obstacles and a big long trajectory for Kensi and Deeks,” Ruah said in an interview with Enstarz. She said that she will be taking a brief maternity leave after she gives birth but she’ll be back before the viewers even notice that she’s gone.


Create New Arc Fatigue: Granger and Kensi’s mission in Season 5, which just drags on and on and on. Of course, Daniela Ruah’s pregnancy meant she would otherwise be written out for most of the season.

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Los Angeles kicked off its 10th season right where they left off at the end of season 9. Everyone inside the SUV made it out alive, but not without suffering major injuries. It was not clear who survived the attack. In the season 10 premiere, we learned that everyone survived the attack. However, most of the team suffered major injuries. Deeks was left unconscious by the blast, and needed to be taken from the scene on a stretcher.

The near-disaster also happened before Deeks and Kensi broke off their engagement. But in a new interview with TVinsider , Ruah said they still plan to get married. Ruah is also hopeful that the couple will get married with a big ceremony in the show. Will Kensi be in a dress walking down the aisle? Or will they just allude to the fact after they wed?

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Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 9 Review: A Diamond in the Rough 2 days ago This spinoff is shaping up neatly. The foundation for NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 9. First, there is Callen, residing above the bar, who might function bouncer. He has already been making himself at home within the region, that’s a pleasant change of tempo for Callen.

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Not for Ziva-lovers, just fair warning. I don’t own the show NCIS or any of the characters. I write this work of fiction for entertainment purposes only and make no money. My only reward is the feedback and reviews of those who read and enjoy my work. This is a semi-crossover with NCIS: LA, but only a minor one. This is yet another Aliyah Alternate Ending. What if Gibbs had chosen Ziva over Tony when she gave him that ultimatum.

I make no apologies for that. If I’d had my way, Ziva would have been killed instead of Ari that night in Gibbs’ basement. Although her existence does give me someone to hate and write bad things about, so I guess she does serve a purpose. For those who like Ziva, there are a multitude of pro-Ziva stories out there for you.

‘NCIS: LA’ Season 10 Spoilers: Will We Finally See Kensi And Deeks Marry?

This alters the dynamic in various ways, given the famously rather complicated relationships between siblings in the first place. Might go anywhere from a friendly rivalry, one deciding that they want their siblings to be happy or straight into Cain and Abel territory. In Fairy Tales , often inspires the Bride and Switch. If they don’t hate each other from the start the Triang Relations version of the triangle is a special subset of 8 or 9.

injured and unable to communicate with the team in the u.s., callen, sam and kensi, along with an unconscious deeks, search for a way home following their off-the-books mission in mexico, on the.

Kensi, Michelle Hanna, and Nell. So hot that an evil arms dealer killed his current “girlfriend” when he thought she the girlfriend was acting jealous. Any of the office tech guys. Nell, for example, gets way too excited about their cool gadgets , and is at least a whole head shorter than anyone else in the show except for Hetty, of course. Hetty is firmly in charge of the LA office and the agents know that she will punish them if they get out of line.

However, the feeling among some NCIS higher-ups is that she over steps her authority and treats her superiors as Alleged Bosses similar to Gibbs. On a smaller note Callen is the senior agent-in-charge and technically the boss of the other agents on his team but while he is the leader, he lets Hetty handle all the boss duties. Apparently Callen and Joelle. She likes him very much they even spend Christmas together after they break up but it’s too stressful loving someone who “might not come home”.

And then Joelle is revealed to be a CIA spy and part of the rogue CIA mole ring that’s out to get the team though she claims she was only supposed to observe Callen and had no idea about their plans to eliminate his team and they’re not so amicable anymore. And then Hetty sends Callen to question Joelle about the only other surviving mole, wherein Callen meets Joelle’s husband and son probably, she’s a CIA agent so who knows.

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Sam and the team will be aided by Arkady Kolcheck guest star Vyto Ruginis who tells the team they are up against something dangerous. The squad in danger? The preview for the upcoming episode shows what happened before the banker’s car came into contact with a speeding truck. Sam and Callen Chris O’Donnell were then present at the scene and believed that the collision was no accident.

NCIS: Los Angeles’ season 10 premiere was an explosive, emotional hour of television, ending with a proposal to cap it all off. Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) proposed to Kensi .

Los Angeles’ season 10 premiere was an explosive, emotional hour of television, ending with a proposal to cap it all off. Kensi then kissed him, as Deeks said, “I don’t want to do this without you. The emotional scene left fans in tears and excited to learn that there will finally be a wedding for the couple. Phenomenal acting and chemistry between ericcolsen and DanielaRuah!

Amazing growth for our favorite pairing,” one fan wrote. Amazing growth for our favorite pairing! They are so perfect, tonight’s episode was amazing and it showed another level of how strong and amazing their relationship is! However, the dramatic events in the season 10 premiere made the two realize they were made for each other.

Before the season premiere even aired, the NCIS: LA team was talking about having a wedding in season Ruah told TV Insider she hopes there is an episode with a big ceremony.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 9 Review: A Diamond in the Rough

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The NCIS: Los Angeles team searches for a motive when a senator’s daughter is attacked. Meanwhile, Deeks and Nell partner up to help Sam and Callen bring the daughter to safety and Kensi receives the perfect holiday gift from one of her co-workers.

This week we feature a mini fanfic by Phillydi written exclusive for DD. We also started a new section where we will present a fan video or fanfic featuring Marty Deeks that we think you should check out see below. It had been a long day and Kensi wanted to finish her paperwork and go home. As she entered the boathouse, Kensi heard the strains of a soulful violin coming from inside.

Kensi took two more steps inside and was instead stunned to see him standing next to the center table with his foot propped up on one the chairs. Kensi placed her hand over her heart as it raced faster in response to the music. The veins in his hands stood out from exertion, which only added to the beauty of his playing as his fingers floated rapidly over the fret board. His eyes flew open when he realized someone else was standing in the room.

She had totally forgotten about the report. Deeks chuckled to himself, amazed at how Kensi had become totally undone by his little surprise. An image suddenly popped up again on the flat screen against the far wall. You were a bit flat in the third measure of the first movement. We invite everyone to submit your own mini fanfic of words or less to Decided Deeks for publication.

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