Mohawk Saint: Catherine Tekakwitha and the Jesuits

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It was the spring of , during the Catholic season of Lent, and Catherine was scarcely able to rise from her mat on the floor of the barkcovered longhouse. Only a handful of women, children, and old people remained in this Christian Iroquois village on the banks of the St. Lawrence, and during the day they were busy outdoors gathering firewood or preparing the ground for spring planting. They would return for Easter, laden with beaver skins and other furs to discharge their debts with the French merchants of Montreal.

Then there would be solemn church services and jubilant feasting, but now Kahnawake or Sault St. Louis, as the French called it was generally quiet. Catherine, also known by her Mohawk name, Tekakwitha, was about twenty-four years old at the time of her death. She came from a village on the Mohawk River, at the eastern extremity of the Iroquois country in what is now New York State. A childhood bout of smallpox had left her frail and sickly, and her health had not been enhanced by the punishing habits of ascetic penance she acquired in her twenties.

Louis, she joined a group of Christian Iroquois women who renounced sex and marriage, while disciplining their bodies with fasting, flagellation, and deliberate exposure to the pain of fire and the discomfort of cold. This thirty-four-year-old Jesuit from Poitiers had been in Canada for three years, and so he knew enough of her language to communicate with Catherine.

Claude and Catherine had come to Kahnawake at about the same time and were hardly strangers, but until now they had not been well acquainted.

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The man, who has lived in France since the age of three, faces a deportation order issued by the prefecture, or state-appointed local government authority, in Cergy, northwest of the capital. An official letter advising him of his deportation accuses him of committing “grave acts of violence against a law enforcement officer” even though he was released without charge following his arrest last month. He denies taking part in the violence. A consultative panel of judges in nearby Pontoise ruled against the deportation on the grounds that the charges against him “have not been established”.

The panel said the man, who holds valid residency papers, had no past convictions and appeared to be well integrated into French society, and argued that his presence “on French territory was not a threat to public order”. The final decision rests with the prefecture in Cergy. Three weeks of unrest broke out in suburbs across France with large numbers of inhabitants of immigrant origin in late October, with arson attacks on almost 10, cars and on public property leading to nearly 3, arrests.

The violence was largely attributed to youths of families from France’s former colonial possessions in north and west Africa, who feel they are the victims of racism, chronic unemployment and police harassment. Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy said on Sunday that deportation procedures were being carried out against seven of the 83 foreign nationals arrested over the riots.

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